Country Woman's Club Memorial Books

Date Title In Memory of... Comment
February, 1996 A School Teacher in Old Alaska Patricia Meiss --
August, 1996 Illustrated Encyclopedia of Orchids Gertrude Munson --
October, 1996 Fresh Flowers for All Seasons Helen Rice --
January, 1998 Quicksilver: The Complete History of Santa Clara County's New Almaden Mine Skipper Bensoon --
February, 1998 Fantastic Fit for Everybody Lorinda Warren Given by the CWC Sewing Group
February, 1998 Classic Millinery Techniques Lorinda Warren --
August, 1998 Africa Wildlife: A Photographic Safari Jeannette Peterson --
September, 1998 Women for a Change: A Grassroots Guide to Activism & Politics Evelyn Morgan --
October, 1998 National Autoban Society First Guide on Wildflowers and Gardens, Robert Maas Eva Weymouth --
May, 1999 Diana Lampe's Embroidery from the Garden Veva Chamberlin --

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